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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Imaginary Friend

Imaginary Friend

I was 7 years old at the time and we had moved into a new house, one that one family lives in the first floor and another family lives in the second. My room was in the corner of the house and it had a small walk in type closet that I loved to play in.
When we moved into this house I noticed a little girl living there, at the time me being 7
I thought she was a real little girl. She was clearly visible, not see through or a shadow. She looked just like me but with bright blue eyes, a pink dress and blonder hair.
I started to talk to the little girl and she told me her name was Sally, and that her parents had moved to west virginia village and left her here. I was only a child and didn't think anything of it so I told her that we would be best friends until her parents came to get her. I told my mom and dad about Sally and they brushed it off as she was a typical "imaginary" friend that most children have.
Sally and I got very close, she would tell me how she liked the color pink and summer time, Sally and I would play all the time and I could touch her, hear her, everything. We would hold hands all the time when we were in the grocery store and going to the park. My mom and dad started to get concerned because my mom would have to cook Sally a meal as well and to me I would see her eating and she would finish her meal as I would and we would return to play, but to my mother the food went untouched.
On Easter that year she only bought me an Easter basket and I demanded that sally gets one as well. So my mother went out and got her one and then hid both of them for us to find. One day I came into my room and smelled smoke, I ran to the closet and I saw sally laying on the floor with flames around her. I started to cry and I ran to my mom and dad and screamed there was a fire in my closet and sally was going to die. My mom and dad rushed to the closet and they found nothing, no fire, no Sally. But I could feel the heat of the flames and I was screaming in my mothers arms to save her. My mom took me into her room until I fell asleep.
My mother was very good friends with the land lord downstairs and they would talk often when seeing each other, so the next day my mom talked to the lady down stairs and out of curiosity she asked about the previous owners. The woman asked my mom why she wanted to know so badly and my mom replied she was just curious. The woman told my mom that the family that lived here previously had one daughter and one day there was an electrical fire in the closet off of the second bedroom and she died.
My mother being extremely frightened asked what her name was and where the parents had moved, the landlord seeming skeptical said the little girl's name was Sally and she was 8, after her death the parents moved to west virginia village to live with the wife's mother.
My mother came back up stairs and started to pack. We moved out that night to a house outside of Winnipeg on Henderson Highway. It was a very large house and when we got there Sally was sitting on the stairs going up to the bedrooms and I was happy to see her and that she didn't die. I told my parents that Sally was alive and she was here, and that she had moved with us. My mother already having dealt with a lot of stress and shock just gave up and she accepted Sally.
Then a few weeks later Sally was gone, and never heard from again. But she was my "imaginary" friend for over a year and I had full contact with her at all times. My parents refuse to tell me where the house we used to live in is because they know I will go back to see if anything happens.

By - Rahul Banerjee
based on real story - E.T (Facebook friend)