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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Janitor

This incident was related to me by my cousin. She works at the outpatient section in the hospital.
That night as usual, she was getting ready to go home when one of the nurses there ask her if she don’t mind checking some paperwork before she go. So she decided to stay for a while.
The checks didn’t take long, she manages to finish the paperwork’s before 11:30pm.
(The time when the janitor would come to lock the doors of the respective outpatient sections)

As she was walking happily ready to go home, she realizes that she had forgotten her wallet. She rushed back to the hospital so that she could catch the janitor before he locks her section.
As she was running frantically down the corridor towards her clinic, she saw the janitor locking the door. She shouted for him to stop telling him that she had left something behind.
For whatever reason, he ignored her. She continued running towards him. Running and shouting. Finally, as she was about 3 feet away from him he turn towards her and smile. What she saw freaks her out. The janitor’s face was hideous and his skin looks as if it had been bitten off by thousands of maggots. Before she fainted, she heard him said “Did you forget something my child?”
When she regains consciousness, the real janitor was looking at her. He asks her what happen and told her he was a bit late today as his son was sick. He helps my cousin up and then told her never to walk along the corridors again after 11:50pm. He never told her the reasons why and i don’t think my cousin wanted to know either.

By - Rahul Banerjee