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Saturday, May 19, 2012

James and sarah

James and Sarah 

James studied hard

He wanted to work for an advertising agency

Designing adverts that would stun the world

He loved his art

He fell for a girl called Sarah

They were together for six months

But in time Sarah lost interest

She found him a little dull

And found somebody else to impress

James was devastated and crept silently into his shell

He rarely went out and immersed himself in his art

He still did his studies and got good marks

But nobody notice him slipping away

Into a world of his own

He started to hear voices

Telling him to paint pictures of demons and devils

Telling him to start cutting himself

His parents took him to see a psychiatrist

Who recommended a spell on a mental ward

So he could receive the appropriate treatment

James was somewhat concerned

He didn't quite grasp what was happening

And the voices kept telling him to harm himself

So he slashed a knife across his throat

They moved him to the Intensive Care Unit

He continued to paint his pictures

He was moved to long-term care out in the country

He continued to paint

He still hoped to work in advertising

But the world was passing him by

His parents still visited every few months

But his contact with reality was somewhat limited

Such is the life of the mentally ill

So take care not to lose touch with your friends

Or you too may lose touch with the real world

Think of poor James when you are getting married

And having children

He is lost in his dreams of glory and success

By-Rahul Banerjee