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Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Consequences of Midnight


  It all started when I met my first husband, I was only 18 years old and strange things began to happen as soon as he entered my life. I always had a feeling of someone watching over me, but it wasn't until we became engaged when I was 19 where I first saw what I can only describe as a ghost.
It was a Monday morning, very early about 1 in the morning and I heard a whisper of "don't trust him, please don't trust him", I put this down to being in a sleepy state and ignored it. At exactly 3:00 that same night I woke to a man at the end of my bed just watching me, he had no face and I couldn't make out anything apart from that the figure was that of a man, it was just a black figure.
Needless to say I ran out the room terrified into my parent's bedroom who both described me as being "incredibly pale and looking fearful". After this I refused point blank to move back into my bedroom, I moved into my little sisters bedroom who I shared with, and then roughly 2 months later, again at 3:00 on a Monday morning I was awoken to the same figure walking around my little sisters bed while she slept just watching her, as I darted up he just vanished.

After discovering that no matter where I slept it appeared this would still happen I moved back into my bedroom, again on a Monday morning at 3:00 I was awoken with the man whispering "watch him, be careful just watch him". During that month a smell of what I can only describe as drainage and death appeared in my bedroom, literally just in my bedroom, as soon as you went past the doorway when leaving the room the smell would vanish, we called out the plumbers who cleared all the pipes running through my room but insisted that all pipes were clear, the smell lasted a week and then just faded away.
I then married my partner and moved into a house a street away from my parents, turns out my husband wasn't such a nice man, he cheated on me constantly and after a year we got into a fight which resulted in me being strangled and getting a broken finger. I left my husband and remained in our house on my own for 6 months, during my time in the house I found a young girl in a long white night dress playing hide and seek with my living room door.

She appeared every time I had a low day and thought about trying again with my husband. I never did, I moved back in with my parents. During my time in the bad marriage my mum hired a medium who described our family so well; my father’s job, my brothers personality everything, so my mum questioned here about someone being un the house but she said there was no man, just a naughty young boy who was harmless.
Little did I know but my Nan in the Dover Lane had also been to see a Medium. It was a group session and my Nan was picked out from the crowd with the lady stating "you have a grandchild who can see things, she has a gift but doesn't know how to use it yet" my Nan has over 40 grand children but she insists it’s me that she was told about.

I am now married again to a wonderful man, but as most people he has a history and comes with an ex wife and a daughter, I get on incredibly well with my step daughter but sadly my husband and myself have problems with his ex wife. I let things bother me and upset me, and when things get too much for me I wake in the night with what feels like a reassuring hand on my head.
Sadly I also have feelings of being attacked in my sleep, once it was a brutal attack, I myself wasn't moving, I woke in the same spot as I fell asleep, but I really felt like I had been attacked I was covered in sweat and was very scared. I have also had the feeling if someone pulling at my feet while I sleep... This always occurs when my husband is away working.
I also had a dream about 6 months ago of 3 people arguing saying "she's not ready yet" over and over again.

Basically I would like to know... What on earth is happening to me? Has someone been warning me? Or is someone tormenting me?

Incident share by -  Cyanide Smith