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Tuesday, October 19, 2010



The clock struck six as the evening twilight slowly deepened into night. Rahul strolled about the pavement in the park where artificial fountains were installed and adorned brilliantly with colorful lights. His mind was filled with thoughts of meeting his first blind date,  Anshelika student of South city college.

She was introduced to him through a social networking site and it was Rahul who had hit upon the idea of this blind date. Today was their first blind meeting... A dusky shadow fell upon the pavement close to where Rahul was standing. He turned around, surprised. A beautiful slim girl in her late teens stood staring at him. Rahul was mildly excited. He moved close towards her, smiling. "Hi, are you Anshelika ?
I am Rahul. Rahul Banerjee. So nice to meet a lovely woman like you!"

She nodded and smiled lightly. Rahul looked at her. She was a glum beauty and appeared rather nonchalant, and there was a tinge of sadness in her wide, sparkling eyes. Rahul held out his hand and touched hers. She looked at him and murmured softly, “I shouldn't have been here now. I have a very important work to perform tonight. But since I promised you this meeting, I came here. I came here just to see you, my first blind date. I'm sorry, but I've to leave now."

She opened her purse and handed a folded slip of paper to Rahul . "Don't open it now. Go back home and then read it. It's a letter addressed to my first blind date." She giggled.

It was already nine. Rahul had got back home and switched on the news channel of the TV. He took out Anshelika's letter from his chest-pocket and opened it. And almost instantly, the first TV-headline burst into his ears:

A gruesome tragedy took place today at Akola Junction (Ak)
At 18:00 in the evening when the last two compartments of the
Pune – Howrah Azad Hind Express went off in a violent explosion
Causing death to at least 100 passengers aboard and leaving 28 fatally injured. Among the dead, there is a 19 years – old girl, from Kolkata.
She was a student of South City College..

A violent thunderstorm rocked Rahul as he stared fixedly, like a stone, at Anshelika's picture in the TV. The letter dropped from his hand upon the floor. The line inside it read: 'I shall come again unto this lovely world to relish a wonderful blind date.