Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dead House

I got this great job working at hospital. I really get to do something I enjoy. Taking care of others has always been a passion. I work on one of the hardest floors, the Cancer floor. We always have the same patients, and not a whole lot of them make it. This makes my job hard in a lot of ways. Anyways I have seen my share of death since I started here. I work at  night shift.

Well at night it can be a little creepy when you have to go to the morgue. One night myself and a co-worker were taking someone down to the morgue. Now let me explain. Our morgue is a little freezer box that is in the basement and smells horrible. Plus it has a ramp to get into it. So she and I wheel the body down there and we push it up the ramp and then we argue over who is going to push the body in. Of course I lose so I swing the freezer door open push in the body and slam the door shut. We start to fill out our paper work when we both look up at each other. She says to me "did you here that"? I said "i think so!" we both turn and look at the door. We both got cold chills and the hair on our arms were standing straight up. It sounded like someone was crying out help.. We froze turned looked at each other and ran out.

Half way down the hall she asked if I really heard what she did? "Yea I did" I tell her. So I was telling one of my friend's who is a nurse on our floor also the story. She tells me that she has had similar things happen to her in the morgue also... To this day I will not go alone, and try and get out of going at all...

We also have a tradition on our floor. That when someone passes away we open the window so the soul of that person is not trapped in the hospital to roam. I not making this up it truly happened. If you don't believe me I don't care... I know and so does everyone else who works there.

By - Rahul Banerjee