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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Rehab Center

                                                         SAY NOPE TO DOPE

The Rehab Center

I was staying in a 3 month rehabilitation program. There were four of us in the room.

I awoke one night at 3:00 a.m.(which is how it has always been for me)
and I saw
an apparition on the wall kind of floating above one of the other girls that was

sleeping. It was a very clear image .She had a towel on her head like she just
got out of the shower. She looked pasty white with dark circles under her eyes
and looked tired. Her face was clear  and I was a little wearing a bathrobe.

she just kept staring at me  and she seemed very sad. I was a little frightened
at fast and then I realized she was an addict who had struggled like me. I kept

staring at her then I told her it was okay, that she could go home now. I then
closed my eyes. This all took place within a 20- minute time span.

I could not go back to sleep so I got up to have cigarette. There was another
girl sitting outside that had been there for a while. I told her what I had seen

and described the girl  in detail. She started shaking and became visible upset.
She told me the story of that girl I saw. she had been a client at the facility.
She was a beautiful girl that sang and played guitar. she was well liked.

But as I said, she was an addict. One night she couldn't take it anymore
and blotted out of the facility. She was hit by an oncoming train and was killed
Nobody knew if she did this on purpose or not, but the consensus was she
Committed suicide. It had happened one month ago.

The next morning, I spoke to one of the counselors about this.
I described the girl face then showed me a picture of the girl. It was the face
exactly as I had seen it.