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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Story of Sophie

Sophie made her way home on a dark wet December evening. She had been worrying as to if her car would  be up for the whole journey home.
It had been acting up lately including having trouble starting it early that morning for her trip to work, leading her to be thirty minutes late for work. Sophie had so much to get through that she stayed behind for those extra thirty minutes after she was due to be off so that her work load wouldn’t fall behind any more than she already was behind.

      The road ahead was a long dark one, with lamp posts being few and far between. Rain began to fall lightly and the car was travelling well. Sophie turned her radio on, flicked through the stations until she came to a song she liked, then began to hum and sing away to herself.
       Traffic too was light. The full on lights of an oncoming car almost blinded Sophie. She beeped and shouted out a profanity as the vehicle passed. It braked and u-turned before beginning to follow Sophie. She suddenly regretted beeping the car as it had passed her. The car behind approached quickly, beeping and flashing its lights. Those lights shone bright in Sophie’s rear view mirrors, once again almost blinding her. Sophie began to panic and increased her own speed, once again worrying about the ability of her car to bring her to safety. 

      Sophie reached into her handbag which was sitting on the passenger seat and she attempted to get her phone. The distraction along with the speed she was travelling and the car behind her still beeping and flashing its lights almost lead to Sophie to lose control of her car while at the same time caused her to drop her mobile phone. Having that happen was the last thing Sophie needed.
      Further panic ensued when the vehicle pulled up along Sophie. The male driver signaled across with a pointing motion and Sophie presumed he wanted her to pull over. There was no way she was going to do that. The other car continued to beep and that just made Sophie want to go faster so she did pick up further speed and the accompanying car began to once again fall behind.

     How long more could her car continue like this? How Sophie wished she had left work on time. She could be at home with her fiancée. Right now she did not know if she would get back at all.
      A deer in the road made Sophie break suddenly and this lead to someone coming from behind her, as in the back seat of her car, to be thrown through the front windscreen. The deer escaped unharmed and a man  lay stretched out on the ground. The perusing narrowly missed hitting the car it wad been following.
      The male driver got out and went to check on the driver of the car he had been perusing, the reason to which was that he seen a suspicious presence in that car and followed to warn the driver. Sophie was in shock but physically unharmed. Police arrived about twenty minutes later and the man on the ground never moved. However he was still alive. It was confirmed that this man was an escaped convict whom had been serving life imprisonment for murder.

By- Rahul Banerjee