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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Paranormal Experience in Vishnu

Paranormal Experience in Vishnu 
This experience happened while I was on duty about 8 months ago. I already have mentioned in my last story that I work at night (I am a call center agent and assigned to a US account, we need to work based on US office hours).
In our line of work, we are granted with one hour break which we call LUNCH BREAK. But most of the times we spend our lunch break sleeping. Most of the times I sleep in my cubicle but this particular day, a colleague and friend asked me to sleep with her in our training room, because it is warm there and more comfortable since we could lie down on the carpet. Since, the company did not have any trainees at that time, the air conditioner is off which made us happy (it's very cold on the production floor...really).

When we came in at around 3:10 the other employees were just leaving since we were the last to take our breaks. When all of them left, we had the room to ourselves. So we slept. But then I had this weird experience. It's as if I was half-dreaming-half-awake wherein it felt like something huge was on top of me like a door or something. I could hardly breathe or move. I did my best to move but I really couldn't.    What happened next is, I thought I already woke up because I was already sitting on the floor, but then I saw me sleeping on the floor beside my friend, as if I was separated from my body (that's what it looks like to me). As I was sitting there confused, I heard voices laughing at me. I got scared and the next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor again unable to move. I was again struggling to move, and luckily my friend moved and embraced me in her sleep. That's when I woke up.
After the break, when we were about to leave the room, my friend asked me "Did you turn the aircon on while we were sleeping?" I said "No."She checked the aircon to see if it was on and it wasn't. In fact the room is still warm.
She said she embraced me because she felt very cold.
What do you think was that?

By- Rahul Banerjee.