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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Death Paradise

 Death Paradise

 Kolkata : Metro service between Dum Dum and Maidan station were disrupted on Morning after a 22-years -  women committed suicide at sovabazar sutanuti. The women was later identified as Rimpa Das,a resident of Grish Avenue. The reasons behind her taking this step could not be ascertained. She jumped in front of a Kavi Nazrul - bond train at 7:40am. The motorman applied emergency brakes, but could not stop the train on time. By the time it stopped, three compartments had already passed over her. Commuters were evacuated and the train reversed to recover her mutilated remains. The body was handed over to police around 8:15am. Normal services resumed around 8:17am,a senior Metro officer said. He said all service between Dum Dum and Maidan had to be stopped as power in the third line had to be switched off to retrieve the body. Normal services were run between Maidan and Kavi Nazrul, though There have been 19 suicide attempts on Metro tracks this year. While five persons were rescued ,the remaining lost their lives. We have taken some measures to prevent suicides station staff keep a lookout for people behaving strangely. Commuters are also forbidden from getting too close to platform edges.

Police Report –

College student Rimpa Das, a resident of Grish Avenue, had left her handbag on the platform before jumping on the track. “Inside the bag was a piece of paper in which the girl had scribbled her landline number and made a plea to convey the news of her death to her parents,” said an officer.

The news reached the girl’s family around 8.30am. “Rimpa as usual had left home around 7.10am for her tuition class,” said Cousin Anju Kesh. “She was the only daughter of her parents who wanted to marry her off quickly. But Rimpa wanted to complete her studies first.”

Neighbors said Rimpa had a relationship with one of her college friends but her family was against the relationship. Family sources, however, denied knowledge about any such affair.