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Monday, July 1, 2013

11.11.11. in Muzaffarpur

My name is Niki from Barauni,Begusarai, (Bihar).
 Since my childhood I've had several paranormal experiences. I always felt I could see and feel the supernatural. Being a kid, nobody believed me so I rather keep my experiences to myself and related it to those who faced similar experiences. This incident occurred when I was in Muzaffarpur during my college days. I used to rent a flat with five other girls. The flat was a two-story building with just two houses.
One was ours and the other on the second floor belonged to two old ladies who never really interacted with us. They were weird anyways. It was a huge flat with three very big rooms. I used to stay in a single room, four girls in adjacent room and the last room was given to another girl. The four girls opted to stay together in the same room. There was a dining area in the centre with kitchen opposite to it. I always found the dining area very weird as the walls were black, as if they were burnt. Three girls from the adjacent room used to work in call centers, so they arrived at 2:00am each day. That night Shweta (the girl from their group), the last room girl and I were chatting until late night in my room and we didn't realize when the clock struck 2:00 am. The other girls (Fatima, Moon and Neha) rang the bell. Now, we had a grill at the building entrance and the flat was in the floor, so we had to go down to the ground floor to open the gate if somebody comes at night. So Shweta and the last room girl went downstairs to open the gate for them. I was alone in the flat. Suddenly both of them came running. I was surprised and asked them what happened? They looked at me and said, "Niki, why did you shout so loudly and we could hear a loud sound". I was surprised. How is it possible for me not to hear that loud sound and shout in that 2:00 am silent night? We found it very strange but ignored the incident. Days passed by quite normally, but each one of us in the flat always felt a spooky presence when alone. That day was my last day in that house. All other girls had already shifted to different places. I found a place for myself too, and it was the last night I had to spend in that house. I remember all my furniture was already shifted to the new house. All I had in the house was my double bed mattress and a pair of clothes for me to wear for the next day. It was around 12:30 am. I was speaking over the phone and lying on my mattress, which was placed on the floor as the bed was already shifted. The room door was closed (not locked). Suddenly the door opened of its own. Please bear in mind the door was a heavy wood door which cannot be moved by wind because first, it was tight. And second, it was an old age thick heavy door found in old houses. When the door opened, it moved me back. I could clearly sense somebody in the room. I kept my phone down. I was horrified by then. I could not move. I was still lying on the mattress.
 It was complete silence. I could hear somebody breathing. I could hear somebody walking on the floor barefoot. The sound was very clear and distinct. I wanted to move but could not. Somehow I gathered the courage to pick up the cell phone lying beside me and dialed my mom's number. I was crying and told my mom whatever was happening to me each second. My mother got to know immediately what it was and gave me the courage to fight the evil. She made me realize that power of God is always there to protect me.
 I always carry my God's picture in my purse. I somehow managed to grab my purse and take out God's picture. It gave me strength. I stated chanting the name of Lord repeatedly and could feel the energy fading.
 I then felt alone. Very alone. The whole night I could not sleep for a second. I continuously chanted prayers and waited for the sun to arise. Many days later, after moving from that flat, I was once passing from the same area with some of my other friends and told them about my incident. One of my friends who stays near that same flat said that it was a haunted house and the whole area knows it. It once caught fire killing a man.

Real incident  send by Niki Jha.