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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last day of May ..

Last day of May ....

 Real incident of a thunder stormy night .....

        It was the end of may and the harsh wind blew hot and humid, kicking up a storm for the evening hours. Off to the north the black clouds had started to brew and roll. It was about 6:30 PM and my date was late. He would not tell me where he planned to take me, it was a surprise. Now, being 30 minutes late, I began to wonder what could possibly be going on, if I would be going anywhere.

I walked out onto the open front porch and could almost smell the rain coming. It began to grow darker. I decided if he arrived, we would just stay at my house until the storm passed.  Then started to worry that he may be riding his motor cycle; motor cycles and thunder storms do not mix. He knew I despised motor cycles, but.  Well hopefully he would be in his truck.

As the dreaded motor cycle came around the corner, the rain began to spit big fat drops. He got off the bike and indicated we needed to hurry up. I told him I was not going, it was raining, I was not getting on the bike, and I wouldn't even if it was not raining. After he became increasingly angry with me and refused to stay at my house until the storm passed, he got on the motorcycle and started off into the down poor I looked up and all I could see was flashing red and blue lights, such as those coming off an emergency vehicle. I watched for a few minutes, thinking there must have been an accident right in front of my house. I could hear screams of agony, sounding as if they were coming from in a few feet in front of me, no one was there. I turned around to grab my iced tea I had brought on to the porch with me, as I turned back, the lights were all gone. There was no evidence of an accident either.

I shook my head and turned to go into the house, as I turned I could hear the unmistakable roar of his motor cycle starting, and then screeching tires. I whirled around and nothing was there.

I turned back around after a few moments and decided I would sit on the porch for a while; surely the heat had gotten to me causing me to see and hear things. About 20 minutes later, my mom called me at the screen door telling me I had a call. I asked who it was as my mom was familiar with all of my friends, she stated she didn't recognize the voice. I went in and answered the phone.

The voice on the other end of the line clarified my name and asked how I was related to Mark, my would be date from earlier. I told them I was not related, that we had been dating for a few weeks. I was then informed that he had my name and phone number in his back pocket so I was the first person they called. Mark had been in an accident on his motor cycle. The roads were wet and slick, he skidded out of control and came to rest on a couple of those sand barrels that are used for street barriers.

As the accident was being described to me by phone, I looked up and saw the flashing red and blue lights again, I heard the screech of tires. I closed my eyes tightly and said a silent pray. As I opened my eyes, again the lights and the screeching sounds were gone.

I was told to contact his parents and come to the hospital; they would not release his condition to me over the phone. I told my mom, she drove me to his parents home and I told them of the call. We all went to the hospital together.

By the time we arrived at the hospital, Mark's left leg had been put into a cast all the way to his .., his scrapes and cuts had been cleaned on his arms and face and he was arguing that he did not need to have the cervical collar on.

Mark ended up staying in the hospital overnight for observation, but he eventually recovered completely. We did not continue to date after that night.

By- Rahul Banerjee