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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Evil Naani

Evil Naani.........

I've never actually seen a ghost, but have felt them several times. But there are two incidents in particular that I'm quite confident that the encounter was real. I'm a resident of Himachal Pradesh (a state in India) and presently doing my 10th class.
When I was in 6th class, I went to a boarding military school at Sujanpur in Himachal itself. When I came for vacations to my house in December, my naani (Grandmother) was diagnosed with cancer. I was only 10 years old and was not to bothered by her illness (I'm seriously sorry for that as she loved me a lot) and I only paid one visit to the hospital. 2-3 days after my visit she passed away. I was such a fool that I didn't pay much attention to her death also. Everything was normal for me.
Well, December passed and I was back to the hostel in January, completely unbothered that my naani was no more. Dad left and I started engaging
With my roommates in all kinds of hostel mischief's like always. The day went as any other day. However, the night was very unusual.
At about 10. 30pm when everybody was getting ready to sleep, I got this urgent urge to peeing. There was a common toilet for the floor and although I had been there several times during night, today something was scaring me deeply and I was afraid to go to the toilet. I wanted to ask someone to accompany me but I had never done so before, so I didn't. I knew something was wrong but didn't know what it was.
This feeling of fear was engulfing me completely. So I left the idea of going to pee and I don't know why, but lay in my bed upside down (meaning kept my head where my feet should be and kept my feet on the place where I was supposed to keep my head) and tried to sleep. The feeling soon wore away and I fell into a long, Sound, dreamless sleep. But not peeing before proved fatal for me and I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. I didn't get up, but only kept my eyes half open. Suddenly I got that strange feeling of fear again like someone was watching me. Almost in a fraction of a Second, I had a vision of a dark figure standing by my bedside. Somehow, I came to know that it was an old female figure and immediately related it to my naani. I still think it was her. She just stood in the same spot while I lay awake. I didn't move a muscle and kept still and quiet. Although I started to completely believe it was naani, the fear still engulfed me. I was dead sacred at that time and started wholeheartedly praying to Lord Hanuman, to make the night over and make the day appear. But still the night seemed to stretch on.
That figure still stood by my bedside. After what seemed like hours, I fell asleep. When I woke up again early next morning at 4am, the fear was still engulfing me, but I didn't feel any entity beside my bed. I opened my eyes and started calling my neighbor's name, the boy who slept in the bed next to mine. He answered in a frail yes and I soon got him awake and we started Chatting but I didn't mention the incident to him. We just kept talking until 5am when the siren rang and everyone woke up. I was safe and sound and never mentioned the incident to anyone in that hostel, and it didn't happen again. But there's one thing that still puzzles me to this day. Something that I should've noticed when I woke up the Next morning:
I mentioned that I had slept upside down that night and I'm sure about it. But my neighbor was sleeping straight with his Head in the direction of my feet. When I had woken up next morning I Had talked to him. But that was impossible unless I would have been Sleeping straight too. And I had indeed woken up straight, with my
Head now facing the same direction of my friend's which enabled the Communication between us. But this a rises a question: How did I get to that position when I was sleeping in the opposite one? Moreover, why was the figure making me sacred? What did it want for me, or was it Just naani's goodbye to me?

I'll remember this event for the rest of my life...