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Friday, January 7, 2011

Dead Travel Fast >>>>

Dead Travel Fast

This is a story related to a cousin of mine. This is about a place called the Kasara Ghat... The place is basically a valley which is very notorious for accidents that have occurred from early 70's to late 90's.It's partially because the roads that were build on this valley were very small, it is said that two vehicles could not pass each other and one vehicle has to always back down and the roads were so narrow that if one took a swift turn it would always end up crashed in the valley.

The place is famous because it's the route to the holy temple of "Sai Baba" which is known as Shridi Temple. Thousands throne to this place everyday as the saint was a very revered figure through out India.

Now back to the accidents which were very popular back then. One of my cousins decided to go to this shrine with his friend in his friend's car... Because the first Arati (prayer) starts at 4.00 am in the morning therefore he started his journey around 11. 00 pm the previous day. He had to travel by car the whole night.

Around 1.00 am he reached the Kasara Ghat. Now this place has no street lights and all they had was the cars headlight and to their advantage it was a full moon. Now while moving they saw a person on the bike honking for them to move aside... My cousin was a bit surprised because the roads were so narrow that the bike could hardly overtake them so they didn't pay any attention but the biker kept on honking to which my cousin got really upset, he told his friend to slow down the car so that he can give him a sound tongue lashing.

As soon as the car slowed down my cousin started shouting at the biker but what he saw shook him from head to toe. He suddenly saw that the biker had no head over his shoulder and he was driving his bike as though he was a professional... My cousin got so scared that he started sweating and told his friends about this as soon as they saw him he whizzed pass them and disappeared before their very eyes. All of them started chanting prayers and drove off.

When they reached the shrine they asked a Villager about what happened to them. He at once said some years ago a biker was killed while trying to overtake a truck. From that day onwards people who traveled through the route often saw this headless biker. Legend has it that if you do not let him overtake you, you yourself would have an accident.

By - Rahul Banerjee