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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Killing Machine

Killing Machine

I got no place, I'm just a killing machine
I kept the population down, if you know what I mean
I never stop in one place, I move about the cities
Got expensive taste.

I never ask questions, I never speak my mind
I always found that silence helps to keep me and my kind alive
I take care of business, It takes care of me
I look after myself and do it well
'cause somebody's always looking for me….

Future annihilation
21st century killing machine
M-60 bullets raid
Purely nothing against the undead un dead
You’re the devils playground toy
Embraced and choked are you ready to die Quartet
To the world of the dead seen through your eyes

Still marching on a mission in blood Killing
Such power takes on the world
Still searching for souls that will never betray Machine
Revolution - all the victims come to real life…..

By - Rahul Banerjee