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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Suddenly, Arnab Das, in the middle of studying, looked up outside the window right behind me and kept staring outside blankly. It was as if someone was standing there and scaring the shiat out of Arnab (excuse my language). His eyes were turning pale and we could feel that something was going wrong. I repeatedly talked to him wanting to know what happened and all he did was stare.

A few seconds later he fell down as if someone pushed him and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, believe me, I would have been scared to death seeing those eyes. They did not have eyeballs, they were pale yellow with red nerves all over the pupil. His body was cold and he was shivering. We did not understand what to do and tried calling my mom and dad, but it was as if someone had cut us out from the entire world. We were screaming but in vain.

I was seated next to Arnab with my back to an iron almirah. Usually hot air comes out when you breathe, however, when arnab let out a nasty, long breath, it passed my left hand and my hand was freezing. When I looked to my right, between where I had hung 3 of my suits, I could see a figure of a middle aged lady with long hair. It was so pale that I could not make her face out. She circled around all of us but neither did she harm us nor did she communicate with us. Also, a very strange fact is, there was a mosquito coil which was burning, it went out as if someone threw water on it. None of us moved as you can understand, so it was strange.

Now, after some time, I do not know how much, this lady seemed to fade out of my room, out the window beside my bed. To my astonishment, now it seemed that something or being was encircling our entire house and that cold air was out of our room but we could feel that the air was surrounding our house. I tried to fight the feeling as we had to study for our exam. Pretending to be brave enough to get up, I did so and went to my computer.

A computer cannot go to the BIOS screen unless you press a button. My computer started up and went straight to the BIOS, showed me a demon as a background, the monitor flickered twice and it shut itself off. I am a tech myself so I knew this was not normal failures, tried the same thrice with the same result. The fourth time, it came back on normally with my normal desktop background. Well, we were terrified throughout the night and I personally shut all the doors and windows although all of us were certain that the thing was right there outside, maybe, waiting for us to open the windows again.

Gradually time passed on and it was 5:30 was the first ray of sunlight shone up in my room through the window. This gave us another strange shock. Remember I told you that the mosquito coil went out. The moment the sun rays reached the coil, it started burning again.

We have shifted from that house now and until date I have not come across anything strange or supernatural... Trust me guys... I was scared to almost death... I did not get an explanation of what happened neither did my friends... Can you tell me what went wrong?

By- Rahul Banerjee