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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Visual C ++

Visual C++ Night before my Exam

I am a resident of a city called Kolkata in the state of West Bengal in India. This is the strangest fact I have ever come across about my house. A fairly new house built on a marshland, this house was about 7 years old. My dad and myself literally stood and watched the house being built. There were no strange things going on. I had spent numerous nights alone in that house watching TV or sometimes even drinking beer. I am a pretty normal guy with pretty normal habits.
The night I am speaking about is 8th June, 2004 - the night before my Programming Language (Visual C++) paper for my 2nd semester in college. I have always studied in a group after joining college and since my house was the largest, my friends used to come, stay and study at my house. That night there were 5 of us -- Saurav, Arnab Das, Arijit, Joydeep and myself. Starting at 12 am, we continued well until 2:30 am.
It was then when everything started going wrong. We heard a dog suddenly howl. It, being summer here at that time, was not normal for the dog to howl because of cold or hunger because it gets plenty around our areas. The eeriest thing about this howl was it started from one end of the street and went on to the other, and, let me remind you, this howl came from only one dog. We went outside to check and felt a cold wind blow just around us. Somehow, I was convinced that beyond us, the weather was fairly warm, only the immediate surrounding was unusually cold. We went inside and start studying again, the doors and windows kept open.
By- Rahul Banerjee
Story - Joydeep Sen