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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Knock Knock

I was spending the night at Roshni's house. We were watching Hit &   Run True Hollywood Story.  The phone rang. I answered the phone but all I heard was a crackle on the other end. We didn't pay much attention to it until we got another phone call about 30 minutes later at midnight. Roshni answered and all she heard was a loud breathing sound. We knew that it wasn't are friends pranking us because both of us felt like we were being watched.

Then we heard a knock on Roshni's bedroom door. We both figured that it was her grandparents coming to tell us to go to sleep. We didn't answer the door because we were staying up later than we were supposed to so we turned off the TV and pretended we were asleep.
Just as we crawled under the covers, the door opened but it wasn't her grandparents. As we both peeked over the covers to see who it was the door slammed shut.
As we went back under the covers a chill went down our spines, it felt cooler in the room. And suddenly the windows and the door started repeatedly opening and closeting. And then we both decided to sleep in the living room but it followed us.

We were starting to get scared so we went to wake some of the other girls up, but none of them were there. So cautiously, we looked around the house for them, but all we found was fresh blood on the kitchen counter.
There was a terrible stench in the air. It smelled like rotting meat. what was bad about it all was that no one was there but us. so we will never know if it was a real event or a illusion.
Roshni and Shivani