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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some say I’m like Fire, that I’m not Good

When you thought you Could…

I fuel Life’s ride, injecting Gasoline

I’ll Shift you into Override

Girl you Know what I mean…

Count on That!

I’m that Cool Collected Spirit in the back of the Room

A Pen on the Paper yeahhh! The Face in the Moon….

So if you Seek Desire then Step My Way

I’ll Smooth cut your Cards, Do you wanna Play?

Cuz I’m that Shadow in Black within your Reach

The Point of no Return then Beyond all Speech…

I’m that Saint your Seeking out in an Outlaws disguise

The name your Screaming out when you open your Eyes…

Count on That!

Some say I’m the Devil, that I’m not Good

Well I’m the one who says you Could've

When you knew you Should…

I tempt Fates Hand every Time I can

A Desire creeping across your Forbidden Land

You can count on That!