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Friday, February 25, 2011

Story of Nora Loren

Story of Nora Loren    

 I've always been interested in the supernatural until I started experiencing real life going ons of my own.

It was a few weeks before Christmas and I was about to leave for school. By my bed is a touch sensitive lamp with 3 settings and opposite was my fiber optic Christmas tree. Before I left, I went to turn my tree off at the wall when out of the corner of my eye I saw my lamp come on. It turned around and turned it off to realize it was on the second setting. The lamp can only be turned on through touch. When I turned around again I watched my Christmas tree turn it off! Scared, I hurried downstairs a left for school with my friend.
Between then and New Years I have often come home to find my lamp on the second setting. I do get scared sometimes but my parents have almost convinced me it's the electrics.
Only about two weeks ago however, my mum and me were sitting in the backroom watching the television. The room has been extended and in the extension is a breakfast bar. When you sit on the stools, the seats go down and pop up again once you get off. As I said, I and my mum were in this room watching television and all of a sudden I saw the chair bounce! I told my mum and when she looked the chair bounced again. We did the nervous laugh look at each other and smile thing but I knew she was jut as freaked out as I was. This hasn't happened since but I keep dreaming that I'm in my room in the dark and when I turn around there's a ghost in front of me.
I also don't like going upstairs on my own and I feel nervous when there's room behind me for things to stand.
Do you think there's a ghost or just my imagination? Please help me as I don't want to feel scared and helpless when I might be able to help this possible lost soul.