Saturday, February 26, 2011


She saw the figure come towards her, the only light came from the streetlamps behind him. She was trapped, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. This was it, the end- her end. His face came into view and she saw the gleam in his eyes as he reached for her, his mouth twisted in the same sick smile that haunted her dreams. His hands created inescapable holds around her upper arms and pushed her to the ground, whacking her head against the cold pavement...

The sound of crying echoed through the empty halls. One look of her daughter’s frail body was all it took for Karen May to break down. Ruby’s wild red hair spread around her face, her once blushed cheeks white as snow and her deep red lips pale and dry, but what got her mother in tears was her dark green eyes froze open in fear. "What kind of monster would do this?" she wailed between sobs. No one in the room had an answer; no one could even look at Ruby. Daniel May took his wife into his arms and tried to console her sobs. No parent should outlive their child, yet here Karen was, 37 years old and still alive, while Ruby lay dead at 15.

Lewis sat at the bar feeling nothing. He never felt anything after a murder, not one regret, he was cold heated and selfish, no care for anyone but himself. He saw a pretty blonde on the other side of the room and instantly forgot 4 girls killed that week. Lewis smiled at the pretty blonde and watched her small delicate mouth turn up at the corners in response. She didn’t know it then, but she was smiling at a heartless killer, and she would be next. Katie is a petite blonde, about 5ft 3 with size 4 feet, she has dark green eyes, her hair fell down her back stopping at her waist. Her eyes twinkled as Lewis made his way through the club towards her.
"Hey there, I’m Lewis"