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Monday, July 19, 2010

Haunted places in the city

The National Library: Located at Belvedere Road, it is known for its rare collection of books. But the residence of the former Lieutenant Governor of Bengal has a more eerie side to it. "The footsteps of the Governor’s wife can still be heard," said Ria Gupta, who goes to study there.The posts of the night guards also keep changing. Most of them do not want to be put on the night shift. "They have seen apparitions," said Tarak, a taxi driver. The guards did not want to talk about their experiences as they feared they would lose their jobs.The new building at the library has another story to tell. At the time of its construction, some of the workers met with an accident and died on spot. It is now believed that their spirits linger on. Two eyewitnesses told that they have seen black images fading in front of their eyes. Both fell sick four days later. Staff members at the library deny that it is haunted.