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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Breathing heavily, my eyes begin to burn. I start to freeze from my toes to the top of my head. Inside feels cold and broken as if I was dead. I get the eager to have a taste of blood. The thought rolls in my mind for a few minutes. Hunger builds up inside, before I get the chance to move I fall to the ground. My eye site is gone.

I open my eyes and see nothing but darkness around me. I get up slowly, my body is very weak. I start to smell something that makes me want to go after it. So I run towards the smell like I was hunting for food. I reach where the smell was coming from, my eyes become wide. My fane’s grow, and I bit down on the animal that I had been after. The taste of blood flows through my body. Soon as I am full, I get a boost of energy as if I had been reborn.

I wipe the blood off my face. My eyes go back to normal and my fane’s go back to their normal size. I look down on the ground at the animal. It was tore into pieces. My eyes begin to water as if I was crying. I think to myself ‘what have I done, who am I, or what have I become?’ those questions roll in my mind for a few minutes.

When my eyes dry, and my body calms down. I run home, and hop into the shower. I wash the blood off my skin. I look down and watch the dark blood drain down. I sit down and cry while the water is still running. I picture the animal that I had killed, and it keeps repeating in my mind over and over.