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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tales from the Dark Chapter- 2


Tales from the Dark

Chapter- 2

Once Upon a Time, a girl named Alice lived in a castle with her step-sister and her step-sister's boy-friend. Alice and her sister hated each other. One day, Alice stole her step-sister's wedding ring and ran away. Her sister sent out guards to find Alice. When they found her, they brought her to the castle of the prince (the step-sister's boyfriend / Jax). That night when the guards came back with, Alice the step-sister and the prince were sitting in front of the lit fireplace. The step-sister grabbed the ring and threw Alice into the fire. When the fire was out, all that was left of Alice was a part of her throat, the esophagus.

To this day, Alice is still looking for her sister to kill her. Of course, her sister is already dead but her spirit still exists. Go into the bathroom, in front of the mirror. Take a candle with you and light it. Turn off all of the lights except the candle and say her  name thirteen times (Alice...) and open your eyes, you might see her. But be careful, because every eight years is Friday the 13th  of February and if you ever mention her name in your life, on the 13th  she will give you a fright night because that is the night she got killed. The last time that it was a Friday the 13th.