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Thursday, December 22, 2011

3:00 AM

 3:00 AM
  Alone in the dark

There was a 21 year old girl named Linda. She lived alone in an apartment building. She had just gotten ready for bed and was turning off the light and getting under the covers. She was exhausted from a long day of work at the mall. She started dozing off when she heard a low moan. "What was that?" she thought, fully awaken. She assumed it was just in her imagination, so she tried to fall asleep again.

After about 20 minutes, it happened again, except it was even louder this time, and it sort of vibrated the bed. Now she was creeped out. "What could that be?" she whispered to herself under her breath. It happened again, now even louder, vibrating the bed even harder. She was pretty certain that it was coming from under the bed. "I’m 21 now... I can’t still be afraid of things under the bed!" she thought. She didn’t know what the heck it was. Then she wondered if she should look under there and see what it was.

Even though she was an adult, she was still not sure about doing that. She quickly pondered what it might be. But she couldn’t think of anything. She doesn’t keep anything down there. She heard whatever it was, moan again, now shaking the bed, as if there was a giant fan with only one blade in the box spring. Finally, she managed to gather enough courage, to check... swallowing hard and feeling faint as the bed shook and the moaning filled the room. She slowly and quietly sat up, began to bend down over the side of her bed, and reached down to pull up the bed skirt. She got a hold of it, her hand trembling. Suddenly there was a moan so loud, and a vibration so harsh, the whole floor practically shook. She jumped, almost falling out of the bed, then quickly pulled herself back onto the bed, covering herself up to her eyes in the covers. She thought about waiting until morning, but there’s no way she could sleep through this. Suddenly she heard another moan, louder than ever, with a vibration harder than any of them yet! Then it all stopped abruptly half way.... Linda shut her eyes tight, trembling with suspense, on what might happen.

All of a sudden, she felt like she was being watched. Then she felt a breath. Warm, fowl, vomit inducing breath that she could even smell through the covers, too disgusting for a human to possess, being blown on her face. She kept her eyes closed, and her lips squeezed shut, trying not to scream. After three minutes of deep breath, and exhaling on her, she couldn’t bear it any longer. Gagging, she was about to puke. With more courage that she had ever had, she very slowly, started opening one of her eyes, to peek at whatever it was, getting ready to scream, as she opened just enough to see.

She saw something... something that made her blood turn to ice, something that gave her Goosebumps on her goosebumps. Teeth. Gigantic, sharp, yellow, 4-inch teeth in a blood curdling grin the size of a manhole cover. Up a bit, two big red bloodshot eyes with the circumference of a grapefruit and pupils the size of baseballs. Linda screamed. She jumped out of the bed and ran for the door. She hadn’t turned the handle all the way before pulling due to her hurry to get away. That slowed her down, but she got it open a second later, and went running down the hall, hyperventilating.

She could hear heavy footsteps right behind her, thumping loudly on the hard wood floor. She went to take the turn to go downstairs but slipped on the slippery, painted wood, sliding and missing her chance to go downstairs, and hitting her head on the floor as she slid further down the hallway. She quickly pulled herself together as fast as she could, getting up and trying her roommate's sturdy door at the end of the hallway. It was unlocked and she fled in, closing and locking it behind her. Her roommate wasn’t anywhere in sight at first. Then Linda looked to the left where her bed was, and saw fresh blood slowly oozing out from under it... not to mention the arm that was sticking out from under it also, with her roommate’s bracelet on. Tears started streaming down Linda’s face. She could hear loud bangs against the door. BANG... BANG... it was trying to come in, and she could hear the door starting to split. Then, a red claw busted through, with nails as long as rulers and as sharp and pointy as knives. It unlocked the door through the hole, and came running in.

It was huge. It's whole body was red, with rough looking bumpy skin, and it was in human form. Except for the head, BIG red and round, with the same terrible toothy grin. It saw Linda, and started to come at her, fast. Linda, without thinking much, jumped out of the way and the thing ripped through the screen in the open window behind her. She heard a shriek, then a crack on the driveway outside. The neighbors had called the police because of Linda's terrified scream. When the police arrived, Linda was OK, and they found the roommates body, yet nobody found the thing, anywhere..

Story Send by -  Linda Kidman.