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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Strange Phenomenon

This is a strange phenomenon still happening with me and my family since last 10 years.
I used to stay at our previous home located at Howrah. I do not remember when all started but slowly all family member had started realizing something strange is happening in our house. We used to stay at second floor and there were people staying at the third floor.
From ceiling of our home we used to hear abnormal voice like someone is pulling furniture all over the house, some one is paying with marbles and we can easily hear some one dropping marbles on floor. We thought might be some one at third floor playing with marbles or pulling furniture here and there. Slowly we started hearing the same voice during midnight also. Some time even during no one presence at that home.
I do not know when but slowly we started feeling something moving around us and enter in our body, mostly when we are trying to get sleep. When I felt that I thought might be that one my imagination or may be I am suffering from illness. But the entry used to happen again and again. When some thing enters in my body, I can not move my body except my eyeballs. I tried very much to get myself free but for few seconds I can not move at all. After few seconds I gets free and can have proper movement of my body.
Some times this happened frequently again and again within an hour. I was scared and was not aware what to do. I thought If I tell others, people may laugh at me and may not take me seriously. One day during discussion my sister and brother had shared same experience with me, which had confirmed me that something strange is going on in our house. We as usual have met many people like, fakirs and babas but non of them have able to solve the problem. Later we shifted to our new house at new Mumbai but still the phenomenon is happening at a low strength. I and my family still trying to get rid of this.  

 Story  By- Kabir