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Friday, March 18, 2011

Super moOn ###

SupermoOn  - On  March - 19.   

The biggest full moon of 2011 is happening Saturday night, caused by a phenomenon that brings the moon closer to the Earth. Some have already begun calling it a “supermoon.”

Saturday at 3 p.m. the moon will be at its close full moon Saturday night st. point to the Earth in 2011.  Before it moves closer; 221,565 miles away from the Earth to be specific, it will officially be full. 

At its largest, it will appear 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than other full moons.

                                                       True Definition of a Werewolf

A werewolf is a person with the ability to alter his or her form into that of a wolf, or a close representation thereof.

The legend of the werewolf was born long ago, back when we knew very little about science, the stars, nature, or ourselves.  I think that someone probably witnessed a person transforming.  It is certain that this person transformed into a wolf, or something close, as how would it be described and recorded otherwise.  Perhaps some person figured out a way to transform his/her self, had done it a few times, and either showed someone purposefully, or accidentally.  I am certain that "magic" was involved.  (To me, magic is the ability to tap into the power of the mind through tricking one's self into believing that one can perform a certain act.  I will not delve into magic itself, only to say that it was probably a factor.