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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This experience took place in Gardena, California, July, 1990.


When I was first married at the age of 21, I married into a family of Spiritualists. I was very naive to what Spiritualism was all about. One evening, my mother-in-law and husband, who claimed to be a medium, came over for a visit and decided to contact some spirits.
I, being so naive, thought it would be exciting. Little did I know that it would open up a whole new dimension to another world -- the dark side.
As the trance began, I watched the medium, Bob, go into a trance. His voice changed, and a spirit started speaking through him claiming to be Satan. I started to laugh out of nervousness and was quickly scolded by the angry spirit telling me to take what was happening more seriously.
The evil spirit spoke of how his spirit was going to take over the universe. When the session was over, my infant son started crying. As I went to attend to my son, approaching his bedroom, I paused in his door and to my amazement I saw a black silhoutte of a woman holding an infant on his bedroom wall.
I began screaming to my husband to come quickly. As everyone came running to my aid, the silhouette disappeared. After I calmed down, it was suggested that I try to contact the spirit. What on earth were they thinking?
The reasoning I was given was that the spirit of the dead woman died in a car crash and was seeking out a new infant to love and comfort. I literally freaked out telling my husband's family that they were all crazy and that this could be not true. After much coaxing, I decided to try and contact the spirit of this dead woman.
I followed the instructions on what to do. As I went into a peacful frame of mind, I visualized the woman's spirt dancing, moving her arms, holding a scarf in a bright light. I instructed the spirit to leave the earth and go home toward the light. It disappeared. After coming out of the trance, I felt alittle more peaceful, but cautious.
I would feel a horrible oppression come over me during the day and smell certain horrible smells. I even started indulging in automatic writing, which opened new channels to the other side.

     By- Cynide Smith.


                                                             Pics By- Rahul banerjee.              SORRY !!!!!!!!