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Friday, February 18, 2011


As I lay on the cart looking at the ceiling I could hear the wheels squeaking as they turned each corner.

Loud screams echoed off the thin paper, made walls. Screams filled with the terror of what was going on behind them.

They came to a stop and quickly pushed me in, they were fast as they lifted me up and plopped me down on the bed and left me without looking back. Was I that messed up that they couldn't look at me or were they just in a hurry.

I look upon the walls of my new home, its decent the walls are painted a pale white there is a small tv above my bed and a little window for me to look out of why. I laugh to myself as I think why I mean I'm not going anywhere I'm going to be stuck here forever. I try to sit up but my body and arms are restrained to the bed. I'm not dangerous so why am I restrained I think.

I slowly turn to stare out the little window and I think this is my new life.

My name is Blake Wills and I live in a  hospital or asylum whatever you want to think. I don't care, I cant care about anything anymore. Its been a long time since I even tried to care about anything but nothing has ever seemed important enough. So why try

Ive been in and out of hospital's like this since I was a kid. Nothing bad ever happened when I was kid, I wasn't beaten or slapped anything like that. But what happened was my parents were insane they tortured people and when I was born they hoped I could carry on our twisted family legacy but guess what I couldn't. Police found me they got put away and I guess no family wanted to adopt the son of two crazies so I guess the hospital was the only home that would accept a person like me. I mean who would want to

I have no friends, no family nobody just myself and I'm alright with that. I've had a long time to come to terms with who I am and who I am is nobody just me.

As the sun starts to descend I get tired, I turn away form the window and stare at the large cracks in my new bedroom. Even though there are screams coming from next door I feel at peace like I belong here. I close my eyes and sigh this is the first time I have ever felt like this I usually feel out of place or jittery of lonely but not here this is where I'm going to start over and hopefully it wont be like last time.

At my last home accidents always happened and people got hurt but that's what happens when people didn't mind their own business.You know what they say

 National Medical College