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Saturday, June 19, 2010


On the very first day at the MBA college I heard the bad news that Shweta, a student of this college, died in a horrible car accident two months ago and another girl was missing for the past one year.

I was arranging the study table after finishing the bookshelf of my hostel room. I found a Ghost Story book inside the third drawer. I thought it belongs to the girl, who stayed here before. I found a loose sheet inside the book. “Oh, it’s the page of a diary,” I murmured.

2nd Nov 08, 11:30 pm
Today was not a very good day. Aysha caught me red-handed when I was selling a pack of Heroin to a guy at a restaurant. I felt very nervous. I returned to college and made a plan with my boyfriend Siddharth to kill her. I went to her hostel room at 10 pm. She was sitting on the study table. I slowly moved closer to her and stood behind her chair. The moment she stood up and turned, I struck the knife into her stomach and killed her. Then Siddharth and I buried her body in the forest behind our hostel building. Now I am feeling relaxed and will have good sleep.

I was stunned.

“Shweta stayed…in this room…,” I thought as my fear increased more. Suddenly I realised someone is standing behind my chair. I started shivering with horror. I stood up and turned slowly. My God…a girl was standing; she…she had only one eye and her face was ghastly white with scratches…

“Now you know my secret so you have to die…,” she spoke with enormous anger on her face. Nothing had presaged the dreadful fate about to fall on me. And within seconds she was upon me. A flash of lightning ran down my spine, I could hear the sound of blood flowing out of my stomach like the sound of a far-distant stream.

For a minute I stood in perfect silence, my hands on the knife, my mouth wide open, my heart trying to pump air, a small shudder and I was lying dead on the floor.

Hey, don’t think about me, just think about yourself. Now you also know the secret of Shweta. She will not spare you as well. Be alert she can kill you any moment. She can come anywhere. Hey look back, may be she is standing behind your chair…