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Friday, October 24, 2014


We humans can never escape desire. We squall with desire the moment we emerge, blood covered, from our mother’s womb. Give me food. Give me warmth. Give me attention. Give me. Give me. Give. Me. As we grow, desire never fades, but grows and mutates, encapsulating not only ourselves but those around us. This toy is mine. His toy is mine. All toys are mine. Mine. Mine. All Mine. Eventually, we begin to define ourselves by our ever multiplying desires. My dream is to live in Paris. My dream is to be a corporate executive. My dream is to be fabulously wealthy. My dream.. Me. But, what happens when we satisfy all our desires? In those brief moments when you don’t know what you desire, did you feel that dull, aching yearning? What is that mysterious desire? Perhaps our true desire is to escape desire. Perhaps it is best not to know.