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Friday, October 31, 2014

Alone in the Dark

 was coming home from a late visit to the local library, and I knew that I was going to be the only one home since my parents had gone to a town south of ours to pick up some things. I pulled into the garage and hit the button for the garage door to close.
On my car, the radio doesn't shut off until you open the driver side door. At the moment it was playing a popular, upbeat Iron maiden song. I had my purse in my lap as I opened my door, which as soon as I did, the music went off. The moment my foot hit the ground, two things happened. I got an absolute feeling of something being wrong and that I was not supposed to be in there. Second, I heard the most evil laugh I have ever heard in my life.
You know on those old Halloween movies where the bad guy laughed demonically? It was ten times worse, because it seemed to come from everywhere at once and if you could physically feel a laugh that meant you harm, it was in that garage. I took off running out the side entrance, got inside the house and locked the door behind me.
I stayed there at the door for a little while to calm down, but since it was around nine at night in the winter, it was dark outside and there weren't any lights on inside, which didn't help. I went to turn a light on next to the kitchen, but I saw something that made me stop. To the right of the kitchen sink is the entrance to a shed that's built onto the main house, and directly through the door there is a large window that looks out on the back diagonal street. That street is dirt and there are no houses back there since our house is towards the outskirts of the town.
Standing in the middle of the back road is a tall man wearing what looked like a cowboy hat. But he was like a black void, which was weird because there is a light overlooking a power generator back there, so I should've been able to see his face or at least what color clothes he was wearing. But even though I couldn't see his face, I swear on everything I believe in that I knew he was looking at me. I shut the door to the shed and locked it, and then sat in a corner away from the windows and stayed there until my parents got home.

I told them what happened, but my dad shrugged it off and my mom ignored it, only saying that I probably just misheard a noise and the rest was just an overreaction. I decided to drop it since they obviously weren't going to believe me.